About Us


To be the most trusted organic wellness company known for guiding a healthy life, good habits and products that lead to wholesome healthy life.

  • To give back to nature and environment
  • Inspire natural living and create healthier communities by promoting sustainable farming.
  • To make available safe food and wellness extracts to our consumers.
  • To operate a business model high on integrity and touches lives on various levels.

Support a natural, organic and sustainable



  • To bring people closer to naturally nurtured nutrifood, empowering and strengthening one's immunity to be resistant to lifestyle ailments, striving to provide natural remedies to heal those already suffering, transforming people’s lives, including farmers, by adopting ancient natural farming techniques,.offering superior quality certified organic, natural and residue-free wellness products with traceability to consumers around the world that will also rejuvenate our environment and soil bringing sustainability that is in balance with our planet.


Organic & Natural products, free of chemicals & pesticides, certified as per global standards. Natural farming techniques such as Amrut-Jal, Amrut-Mitti, Pach-Gavya, Agnihotra-Homa, Composting, etc, along with the use of organic certified natural Diatomaceous earth, Liquid Organic Carbon, etc. trigger an upsurge of microbes and other beneficial organisms, intensifying biomass decomposition & resulting in humus a porous dark soil with high organic carbon, leading to optimum yield, quality, nutritional values, appearance, aroma, and taste.