Heal the Body, Mind and Environment with Homatheraphy


With the advent of the industrial revolution, environmental pollution started rising at a rapid rate. Since the 19th century, there has been increasing use of fossil fuels to work machines, transport, and industries polluting our air, water, and soil. Intensive agriculture practices with excessive pesticides and chemicals to increase yields are another source of water and soil contamination. The effects of environmental pollution are not only affecting humans but also threatening animal and plant species alike. Pollution has proven to be a significant factor in the rise of respiratory diseases, allergies, infections, hormonal disruptions, and cancer development. 


When we eat remnants of pollutants used in producing processed foods or pesticides from the crops, we are slowly poisoning our immunity, growth and genetic makeup. Nitrogen and phosphates accumulating in our oceans are causing the overgrowth of algae. Acid rains are making rivers and seas toxic to fishes and marine life. Soil contamination, among others, is destroying even microorganisms, killing the first layers of the primary food chain. 

The enormity of this reality can perplex us. 

 ‘Is there a solution?’ 

 ‘Can we reverse this detrimental effect on our planet?’

‘What can we do as individuals?’ 

The answer is YES, and we can. There is an ancient solution to this modern peril, and when we are aware, learn, and adopt an ecological-friendly mindset, we can tackle this monster.

While we are travelling at the speed of light towards technological advancements, if we reflect on some of our ancient practices, we will not only find hope but astounding scientific techniques that can save the planet. 


One such proven technique is the science of Agnihotra and Homatherapy, known as Vedic Healing fire. Remnants of this fire exist in historical records of the Celts, Inca and Native Americans, and even today, many indigenous communities practice the healing fire ceremonies. 


Origin of Agnihotra and Homa Therapy


Agnihotra or Homatherapy is gaining worldwide attention as a means for purifying the environment. The principle on which Homa Therapy is “Heal the atmosphere, and the healed atmosphere will Heal You”. It is a scientific process of purifying the atmosphere as ordained in the Vedas. The Vedic science of “bioenergy” removes toxins from air and water through the medium of fire. This method can remove impurities that rob our surroundings and refresh the atmosphere by replenishing the lost nutrients. 


Epidemic or pandemic (Janapadodhwansa) occurs due to vitiation of Vayu (air), Jala (water), Desh (area), and Kala (season). Abhishyangaja (effects of pathogens, evil forces and unhygienic conditions) is also one of the causes of epidemic/ pandemic. Ayurveda advocates the purification of water, soil and atmosphere through Homa Therapy.

The most basic Homa (Yajnya) is Agnihotra, a healing fire around which a tremendous amount of energy creates a magnetic field that neutralises negative energies and reinforces positive energies. Ayurveda advocates sterilisation of water, air, soil and atmosphere with the help of Agnihotra. It helps reduce the microbial load to non-pathogenic levels and assists in the prevention and control of epidemics.

Agnihotra is aligned to the biorhythm of sunrise/sunset. The far infrared radiations of the sun and Agnihotra resonate to generate a massive amount of vital energy useful for life processes. The fumes and ash of Agnihotra are helpful to purify water and air, and it reduces the pathogenicity of microorganisms and helps to improve the health of living beings. Performing Agnihotra with the correct timings and ingredients will create a conducive atmosphere in the surrounding for the well-being of life. Agnihotra, when performed for three months, a healthy biosphere and peaceful atmosphere are sustained. It creates a 12km high and 1km wide miraculous healing envelope of air.


One of the renowned modern practitioners of Agnihotra is Bruce Johnson, a professional musician from Sydney, Australia, who pioneered a project which demonstrated the transformational healing effects of Agnihotra in highly adverse conditions. In 1997, he left his Australian lifestyle to settle in the drylands of Maharashtra, where he practised daily the Ayurvedic healing fire technique and saw the transformation change of the dryland into an oasis. With the continued practice of Agnihotra, the dry, rocky soil of Tapovan became a haven for flowering trees, medicinal herbs, culinary herbs, fruits and vegetables, grains, pulses and lots more. Simply being in the atmosphere of Agnihotra fire, cured Bruce of his chronic asthma. He and his wife Anne Godfrey have lived in Tapovan since 2001 and share this knowledge and simple technique with people worldwide. Today, Tapovan is a forest retreat where interested volunteers can stay, learn and adopt this fantastic scientific ancient and straightforward technique. A 24-hour round-the-clock Homa healing fire permeates the atmosphere at Tapovan, with peaceful Vedic chants. 


Ingredients for Agnihotra

Agnihotra is the simplest form of ‘Yajnya’ performed at sunset/sunrise in which cow dung is burned in the copper pyramid shape pot by using cow ghee and brown rice as oblations along with chanting of mantras of sun and fire. The burning material used has very low calorific value, the basic fire is kept low, and hence there is controlled production of oxides of nitrogen. Carbon dioxide and other volatile organic compounds produced during the Agnihotra fire are non-toxic to the environment and act as a greenhouse gas. As Agnihotra is performed at sunrise/sunset the carbon dioxide produced at these timings is utilised by surrounding plants and converted into molecular oxygen. 

The heat energy generated during Yajnyas fire and sound energy by chanting mantras combine to achieve desired physiochemical, biological and spiritual benefits. Transformation of energy may be due to materials used during Agnihotra, which is responsible for chemical changes in the atmosphere.


To perform Agnihotra, you need:


· Agnihotra pyramid (copper vessel of a given size)

· Dried cow dung

· Ghee (clarified butter without additives)

· Brown rice/whole grain rice (whole raw grains) and a little bowl

· Mantra (with knowledge of the correct pronunciation)



You must perform Agnihotra accurately as per the timetable for sunrise and sunset at the respective place. The practice of Agnihotra has to be meticulous, four or five minutes before the exact time of sunrise or sunset, light one or two pieces of the prepared cow dung with the candle to organise a small fire in a copper pyramid. Layer different cow dung pieces in such a way that air can circulate freely. At the exact Agnihotra time, start chanting the morning or evening mantra and after each ‘svaha’, place a pinch of ghee-infused rice into the flames. The shape of the vessel and its size are significant in directing the energies to the North. The energies are “thrust” outwards in all directions spreading the effects of Homa to a broader area. The total impact of Agnihotra lies in the quality of products, total commitment and regular practice to infuse your atmosphere with subtle energies created by the rhythm and mantras.  

Heal Your Body, Mind and Environment with Agnihotra 

Homatherapy or healing with fire is an ancient holistic Ayurvedic approach to healing to prevent diseases, promote good health, cure ailments, purify water sources, heal the ozone layer, rejuvenate the soil and nurture nature.

Agnihotra profoundly impacts the human mind, environment, animal and plant life, health and well-being, soil, agriculture, and positive energies.

 Lead a disease-free life. Agnihotra is a revealed science as old as creation. Over time this knowledge was lost, but it is now being rediscovered and performed across the world. Agnihotra fire has vast energies to renew brain cells, revitalise skin, purify the blood, heal allergies, and cure humans of chronic diseases.  It improves overall health and gives one increased energy, and harmonises the functioning of Prana (life energy).

 Agnihotra has the power to transform the mind. It brings balance, harmony and centeredness effortlessly. It creates an atmosphere that is optimum to visualise, affirm, meditate and heal. It aids to clear negative patterns, removing stress, controlling anger, and wean addicts from substance abuse and alcohol. Sitting in the Agnihotra atmosphere, one can experience greater emotional and mental balance, physical health, peace and spiritual support.

Atmospheric purification through fire. Agnihotra resets and balances the energy cycles of Earth. Performing Agnihotra daily establishes the healing energies necessary for a healthy environment. It has powerful energies that can purify contaminated water and air, neutralises pathogenic microorganisms. It creates a protective coating on plants and animals, preventing pest attacks and toxic choking. Agnihotra fire strengthens the energy structure and hormone cycle in plants and makes seeds disease resistant. It generates an aura of positive healing energy around living beings in the proximity of the pyramid, making them resistant to diseases and energises their metabolism. It acts as a catalyst to revive soil microorganisms and replenish nutrients necessary for healthy crops. By practising Agnihotra, one can grow maximum yield in a minimum agricultural area and keep the soil fertile, the water pure, and the atmosphere clean.

Agnihotra at Home

  • Where to perform: Agnihotra can be performed in any room in the house. When more individuals from a family are performing Agnihotra, they should perform this independently on a separate Agnihotra pot. Agnihotra can be performed in an office or a workplace or during your travels. You can carry your Agnihotra travel kits with you at all times. You can contact Jaivik Farms team if you want to buy the Agnihotra Kit. If you wish to buy the Travel Kit, you can contact us or Tapovan Amalner.

  • Preparation: Collect all materials including Inverted Copper Pyramid with base, Match box/Lighter, Organic Pure Breed Rice, Pure Hand Churned Ghee (Clarified Butter), Dried Cow Dung, Time Sheet, Mantra Sheet, Hand Fan, Small dish, spoon*

  • Refresh: Refresh and take a bath in the morning and evening before performing Agnihotra

  • Prepare Agnihotra Fire:

    • Place a flat piece of dried cow dung at the bottom of the copper pyramid.

    • Arrange pieces of dried cow dung (coated with ghee) in the pyramid in such a manner as that allow air to pass.

    • Apply a little ghee on the small piece of cow dung. Use this to start the fire. Do not use anything except cow’s ghee for greater medicinal effect in Agnihotra Ash.

    • Light the fire and insert the lighted piece of cow dung in the pyramid.  Slowly all the dung in the pyramid will catch fire. Use a hand fan to blow the air and help the flame alive.

    • At the exact moment of sunrise and sunset, good flames should be ready in the pyramid

  • Agnihotra Process

    • Take a few grains of rice in a dish or the palm of your left hand, then apply a few drops of ghee to the rice.

    • Add a few grains of rice from your right hand into the fire, exactly at sunrise and utter the first Mantra, followed by the word SWAHA

    • Again add a few grains of rice from the right hand in the fire and utter the second Mantra followed by SWAHA.

    • Repeat in same manner, at sunset with evening Mantras.

  • After Agnihotra – Meditate for as many minutes as you can.

  • Timing is critical or else it is not Agnihotra and will not have the healing effect on the atmosphere or in the ash.

  • Agnihotra Mantras

At Sunrise

Sooryāya Swāhā (add the first portion of rice mixed with ghee into the fire)

Sooryāya Idam Na Mama

Prajāpataye Swāhā (add the second portion of rice mixed with ghee into the fire)

Prajāpataye Idam Na Mama 

At Sunset

Agnaye Swāhā (add the first portion of rice mixed with ghee into the fire)

Agnaye Idam Na Mama

Prajāpataye Swāhā (add the second portion of rice mixed with ghee into the fire)

Prajāpataye Idam Na Mama

*Agnihotra Travel Kit:- Easy to carry and conduct Agnihotra anywhere and everywhere at the appointed time and it can accommodate all the necessary ingredients for the Homa as mentioned above. If you wish to buy, then you could visit  write to www.jaivik-farms.com ajit.thomas@jaivik-farms.in












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