Why Jaivik Farms?

At Jaivik Farms, we produce and market a variety of Certified Organic, Natural, and Residue-free food products. We have more than 150 range of organic and natural products including wellness products and plant extracts. Our objective at Jaivik Farms is to free people from long-term lifestyle diseases using pure plant extracts as food supplements that have the power to boost immunity, resist or restore damages due to several physical ailments, eventually leading to natural healing without any side effects.
Each of our products at Jaivik Farms is handpicked for its unique value proposition. Thorough investigation, study, and validation are done under our impaneled doctors and subject matter experts' guidance. Each product of Jaivik Farms is brought to the shelf after months of study and research. 
These items are cultivated using Ancient Organic Farming Techniques and processed at our 'Jaivik Farms and affiliated centers, handling them securely and hygienically and in an organic methodology.  This methodology involves reintroducing age-old practices to produce Amrut Mitti, Amrut Jal, Vermi Compost, Bio Mulch, Diatomaceous earth, Organic Liquid Carbon, and Homa therapy, and other organic methods. Our products being 100% free of any toxic Chemicals & Fertilisers, there is an overall positive impact on the quality of produce, such as increased nutritional values, taste, physical appearance, aroma & yield. We are accredited with farmers who do not advertise the usage or use of pesticides and genetically modified seeds to expand their production.